Driving the Delivery of Excellent Patient Care
The Medical Courier Connection began in response to requests from  Managers in various medical-specialty fields who
would contact us seeking referrals for qualified courier services.

Our desire was to provide those Managers with more than a list of options and so the Medical Courier Connection will
represent it's courier company members by attending various Medical conferences such as the CLMA (Clinical Laboratory
Management Association), we’ll submit stories and place ads in medical journals and publications, and through social
media, connect with various Medical Professional groups. Through our Advisory Group we’ll partner with industry
professionals and establish relationships within the reference and diagnostic lab field, dental labs, pathology, blood banks,
and pharmaceutical. We’ll work towards adding voices for durable medical equipment, and continue to address changes
relating to technology and regulations that are specific to medical-specialty couriers.

Besides these things, our members will enjoy additional benefits that include an e-newsletter, access to a wide variety of
industry and administrative articles and webinars (both live and recorded), and a  link to your contact information and
website that we make available on a list to industry managers seeking courier services! We can also offer you help with a
bid process or administrative assistance in various areas, for a nominal fee.

Our vision is to define and present to the medical community a list of educated, compliant, and caring courier companies
who are set-apart from their less-prepared competitors. As we get out into the Medical community and make the Medical
Courier Connection known, we have high expectations that we will be a first-stop-shop for healthcare managers needing
courier services.
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