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2018 Highlights: Monthly webinars, quarterly newsletters

2016 Highlights:  Lab Corp's National Transportation Manager joined us for Live Webinar; Nuclear Medicine Specialist
Carl Bennett joined us for a Live Webinar; Leo DeBandi with the American Red Cross is joining us for a Live
Webinar...how much are you missing out on?!?

October 2015: US DOT HazMat Inspector contacts us to make his services available for Category A and Special Agent
training.  Did you miss his Webinar?

August & September 2015: Have had more than 90 labs nationwide download our Medical-Specialty Courier List!

July 28-30, 2015: 2015 Medical Transportation Summit. Quest Diagnostics joined us!

March & April 2015: Secured some big hitters in the industry for the 2015 Medical Transportation Summit!

March 29-April 1, 2015: Placed ads with the CLMA's 2015 Knowledge Lab conference (that's the Clinical Lab Managers

January 05, 2015: Early-bird registration for 2015 Medical Transportation Summit opens!

November, 2014: Press Release to HealthCare Industry announcing Medical Courier Connection

10/8-10/10/14: Ken attends Key Software Conference as speaker

September, 2014: Launch the Medical Courier Connection. Formation of Advisory Group begins. Video recordings from
2014 Medical Transportation Summit presentations being edited. Preparation of 2013 Medical Transportation Summit
presentations being uploaded to our Member's You Tube page.

7/29-31/14: 2014 Medical Transportation Summit
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